Millions of accounts are compromised every year.

Your accounts are under attack.

Multifactor's virtual phones keep your accounts secure.

Your mobile phone: insecure. Easily hacked.

Mobile Phone for 2FA

Mobile phones weren't designed for 2FA. They're inconvenient and vulnerable to a variety of attacks.


Secure Multifactor Dashboard

Multifactor uses virtual phones to provide a secure 2FA experience without sacrificing any compatibility.

Multifactor Dashboard: secure. No hackers. No spyware. No SIM card.

How Multifactor Works

Choose a virtual phone number. The phone number is tied to your virtual phone.

1. Setup your Multifactor number

When you sign up, we'll spin up a Multifactor virtual phone connected to a real, US phone number.

Enter this number on other websites or apps. The 2FA messages will arrive on the Multifactor dashboard instead of on your own cellphone.

2. Use your Multifactor number for 2FA

Enter your new Multifactor number instead of your cell number on all the websites you use 2FA on.

Login codes are delivered to the Multifactor dashboard. For maximum convenience, you can copy-paste them in one click.

3. Login codes appear in Multifactor

While logging in to other websites, 2FA codes are delivered encrypted to your Multifactor dashboard.

All your accounts in one place.

Multifactor's virtual phones receive SMS messages just like a real cell phone, so you can use Multifactor with all of the websites that you already use 2FA on.

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Multifactor works with all of your favorite services, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Apple, and Slack.

Security is at our core.

Multifactor was built to address a real security flaw present in SMS-based 2FA - from the moment we started working on it, security has been our #1 priority. That's why we use 256-bit EV-SSL/TLS encryption on all requests, follow CSA and OWASP best practices, and are PCI compliant. Visit our security page for more details about Multifactor's commitment to security.

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No complicated plans or pricing.

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Multifactor is PCI compliant. You can pay with PayPal, Visa, MasteCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, or Bitcoin.
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