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What's Multifactor?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) \tü fak-tər ȯ-then-ti-kā-shȯn\ noun: An additional login step after entering your username and password. Usually a random number sent to you by SMS.

In Short

Multifactor is more secure than using your cell phone for 2FA, without sacrificing compatibility.

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Elevator Pitch

If you use your cellphone for 2FA, you're exposing yourself to a series of critical vulnerabilities. Multifactor is designed to handle 2FA securely.

When you sign up, you'll be assigned a dedicated virtual phone. It can receive 2FA via SMS just like a real phone, so it's compatible with all the same websites. Simply use your virtual number for 2FA instead of your own cell number, and your login codes appear on the convenient Multifactor dashboard.

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